Sunday, May 28, 2017

Feminine Wisdoms

Scrolling through my Facebook feed, I come across a sponsored link for one of those pages... you know the ones, full of love and feminine wisdoms. In fact, the page is called Feminine Wisdoms. I will add here that spellcheck hates the word "wisdoms." It is not an existing word. That tells me more than I need to know right here. Hell, I make up words, too, though, so I can't be to harsh. But I digress.

 I note that some of my friends like and follow this page, and that tens of thousands of people like this page. The post is full of loving words, quotes from a book on Gaia. I read it.

'The Goddess is not just an ancient statue or an energetic archetype, she is present us, in the beauty of nature, in every living creature and leaf of plant. Begin to see her life giving energy, feel it in your own body, she is the joy of movement, and the single falling tear, she is the sacred feminine inhabiting both women and men and she has returned to offer us a gift - a gift to reclaim this planet as heaven on earth through the energetic vibration of love.' - Earth Mother by ORUPSIA:
Sister, trust your vibrant inner knowing,
that lucid vision that speaks
to you. The truth you cannot
Nourish the fertile gardens of
your wild inner terrains knowing
that time of harvest will come... all things
flower in their time.

Beautiful, right?

Sure. Evoking all those images of Mother Earth, drawings of a woman all flowy and with a full swell of the Earth for her womb, looking all serene and demure, her arms lovingly wrapped around that swell. Surrounded by wildlife, all looking as serene and demure as she is.

I hate it.

This is why we aren't taken seriously by and large. That first part is pretty nice. But then, ya lost me. All this gentle and nurture-y shit? Mother Nature is FIERCE. She gives and gives freely, but when she needs to be cold and hard, she will destroy. She is all about balance, and if something is out of that balance, BOOM down comes the hammer. She is flowers and rolling hills and she is tornadoes and hurricanes. Let's not forget that part. People get all surprised when our neglected mother allows entire communities to be wiped out in an hour. Why surprised? Why shouldn't she? What do we do for her?

I digress. The point here is that the flowy gentle lovey stuff can come after we warriors, the carriers of her wrath, are done. We go first. Then we'll need you and your fertile gardens.

But for now, step aside. There's work to do. We don't have time. Let the front line go through. Join in or move aside.