Saturday, March 26, 2016

Do Not Go Gentle

It has been suggested that it is time for women to gently move to the fore. I think this can be credited to the super-amazing Jane Goodall.

She's an inspiration. She is wonderful. But this is incorrect. The time for “gentle” is long past.

I think of Dylan Thomas' poem, "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" - especially that last line, "Rage, rage against the dying of the light." But, on from there, I think of the movie "Back to School," in which Thornton Mellon, played by Rodney Dangerfield, was asked by Sally Kellerman's character to say what that poem meant to him. He replied, " It means, I don't take shit from no one." I love that. Hell, I love that silly movie.

People try to tell me all the time that I have to be gentle with my ecological message. That I'm too aggressive. Angry. That love prevails. That I need to speak with love and kindness. 

I have little patience for that. We are running out of time. Obviously, the gentle crap isn't working, because I am not seeing any improvements. None. We're still over-consuming, we're still wasting resources and everything else, we're still worrying about conveniences rather than consequences. I do not see an end to it. I am told that more people will listen to me if I say it nicely. Screw that. There are plenty of people talking nicely. I believe I shall rage instead. It's my real voice. We'll file it under the "Hear me now and listen to me later" file.

I'm just full of pop references today! You get the point. Everyone has a voice - their own voice - in comedy you "find your voice" and that's when you succeed. I know what my voice is and I shall be true to it. Gentle loving crap can come in after we've torn down the shit. I am not the gentle voice. I am MotherNature's warrior. And I don't take shit from no one.

That could be a really great mantra.

Our light is dying. Seriously. We are killing our ability to live on this planet, we are killing our light. We HAVE to put the brakes on, or Nature will do it for us. If Nature has to do it, it won't be pretty. There will be a lot of suffering of the innocent. So, it's time to rage.

Who's with me? This Atypical Chick is going gently no more.